“Salt is an essential part of my nutrition, with an enormous impact on my health, production, appetite and fertility. But my individual salt need differs from the other animals in my herd. It depends on many factors such as production, weight and temperature. As long as I have access to salt, I will take the exact amount of salt I need.”


  • always the exact right amount of salt
  • highest quality Dutch purified vacuum salt
  • moisture proof, form-proof and contains no adhesives such as molasses


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Na+ CL - Salt (NaCl)

acid and fluid balance, digestion

Salt is an essential mineral. Among other things, it maintains a good acid and fluid balance. It also plays an important role in the functioning of the central nervous system and muscular contraction. Moreover, KNZ salt supports the intestinal flora, which results in a better digestion.

MG - Magnesium

nerve system, muscles and bones

Among other things, Magnesium ensures healthy nerve cells, strong bones, and good muscle formation.

I - Iodine


Iodine is essential for basal metabolism by producing thyroxin by the thyroid gland. It has a positive effect on growth and development.

SE - Selenium

fertility, antioxidant

Selenium plays an important role in fertility. Selenium is a component of the antioxidant enzymes, protecting against cell damage. It prevents muscle disturbances and enhances the effectivity of iodine.

Zn - Zinc

enzyme systems

Zinc plays an essential role in many body processes, like enzyme systems concerned with metabolism, the healing process and disease resistance. Zinc is essential for skin and bone development.

Fe- Iron

blood, organs and tissues

Iron is a component of red blood cells and improves the functioning of organs and tissues. It also and plays a role in oxygen transport.

Cu - Copper

enzyme activities

Copper is required for enzyme activity, plays a role in the central nervous system, and is associated with iron metabolism. To have enough copper in feed is also essential for strong bones.

Vit A - Vitamin A

immune system, metabolism, reproductive function

Vitamin A is important for the maintenance of the immune system, metabolism and reproductive function. Vitamin A is especially important when little fresh grass is fed as the levels of vitamin A go down during feed storage.

Vit D3 - Vitamin D3

bones, immune system

Vitamin D is important for strong bone development. Vitamin D also plays a role in cell growth and –division like in the immune system. A deficiency of vitamin D could lead to problems with calcium metabolism (e.g.milk fever), decreased feed intake, impaired growth, and deterioration of bones.

VIT E - Vitamin E

muscles, liver and blood vessels

Vitamin E has a synergetic effect in combination with Selenium. It protects membranes and prevents muscle, liver and blood vessel degeneration. White muscle disease is a classic sign of a clinical deficiency of vitamin E.

VIT H - Vitamin H / Biotin

hoof health

Biotin is a water soluble and nitrogen containing essential vitamin (Vitamin H or B7) which is restricted available in nature. It promotes hoof health by improving horn quality.


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