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Dairy farmer Prawes from Thailand: “We believe in the quality of KNZ”

About 15 years ago, Prawes Angsakul and his wife took over the Prateung dairy farm from their parents, as …

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Justine van der Meij on KNZ Licks

Justine is “living her dream,” as she describes herself. She has a dairyfarm in Woudenberg (the Netherlands). Her 66 …

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KNZ Class with Roy

In this short series of videos I will tell you more about our KNZ licks and why salt and …

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Jan-Jaap Verweij (Jacob’s Farm) on KNZ licks

Dutch dairy farmer Jan-Jaap Verweij has 55 dairy cows that are milked with the help of a milking robot. …

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Eric Pottier on KNZ salt licks for sheep

Eric Pottier runs a biological grassland farm, together with his family. On 83 hectares they raise 40 dairies and …

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Paula Koomen on KNZ salt licks

In the North Holland village of Spierdijk, Paula and Kees Koomen run their dairy farm with 125 dairy cows …

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