Justine van der Meij on KNZ Licks

Justine is "living her dream," as she describes herself. She has a dairyfarm in Woudenberg (the Netherlands). Her 66 cows benefit from a little extra in their diet: KNZ licks.

The right lick for each life stage

Justine chooses the KNZ Standard lick for adult cows and the KNZ Junior for young stock. "This way we meet the needs of each life stage. A good mineral supply is crucial for the health and well-being of cows. Salt licks are essential to achieve this," she explains. "I see the cows enjoying the licks. This stimulates their natural behavior and provides them with essential minerals."

Happy cows, happy farmer

Justine uses a lickholder to make it easier for the cows to consume the lick. ‘’The lickholder has benefits for both the cows and for me. The lick gets never in the way, I can easily check if they need a new one and the lick doesn’t get dirty.’’ Justine places the lick next to the water bowl. In that way the cows can choose how much salt they want to take. ‘’When cows use the lick they drink more water, which is important for a good milk production’’.

Valuable addition

Justine recommends KNZ licks for farmers striving for good health and productivity of their herd. "Due to their beneficial effects on well-being and behavior, KNZ licks are a valuable addition. They are crucial for balanced nutrition management."

Do you want to improve the health and productivity of your livestock? KNZ licks offer the solution. View our products to learn more about how they contribute to more efficient farming.