Paula Koomen on KNZ salt licks

In the North Holland village of Spierdijk, Paula and Kees Koomen run their dairy farm with 125 dairy cows and a total of 200 cattle. "We have been milking the cows with a milking robot for a year now and it's going very well," says Paula. "We choose the right diet by looking closely at the health of our cows; we do it by feel. Fresh grass, silage, maize and concentrated feed along with salt and minerals form a balanced diet."

Salt from mixer trucks or salt licks?

On the mts farm. The Koomens are convinced that adding salt through the feed mixer truck does not meet the individual needs of the cows. "We think that adding salt using the mixer truck does not meet the individual needs of our cows. We would rather have salt available to the cows that need it through the licks."

"Meeting the individual salt needs of our cows"

Easy to use

"We use KNZ salt licks with the feed because we find that the most convenient system, allowing the cows that need it to get their salt." The salt needs of cows are determined by their weight, their lactation phase and the ambient temperature. The cows perspire more in hot weather and therefore need more salt. Paula explains more about this: "We use the salt licks all year round, but in the summer months when it is very hot, we put extra licks near the cows so that they can get enough salt." Paula is also very satisfied with the quality of KNZ salt licks: "They stay quite hard, they don't fall apart, we put them in front of the feed fence and the cow does the rest."