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Andrea Ruitenberg about KNZ licks

Andrea has been a farmer for nearly 30 years and simply doesn’t know any better than to use KNZ licks for her 65 milking cows. ‘’Everybody knows KNZ is thé brand, right?’’

It really is a habit

From a young age, Andrea dreamed of, what she considers, a delightful existence where you can be your own boss and live among animals. And she succeeded. Since 1995, she has been working on her husband's family dairy farm and is incredibly happy. '’When I first started working here, there were already salt licks in the barn. Specifically, KNZ Standard salt licks. It became a habit for me to add these to the ration. The cows are used to it too and still get the KNZ Standard. Recently they ran out, and you could really tell they were very happy when a new one was available. They would walk over to the salt lick in a little group.’’

It's not just a habit for Andrea, as the salt block has also helped her cows in less ordinary situations. '’A while back, a calf got meningitis. I really didn't know what was wrong, his ear and eye were all droopy. Then we gave him the salt lick, which made him drink more and he recovered. That calf really benefited from the salt. We have also had many cows with udder inflammation. Here too, the lick came in handy and the cows are now happily healthy again.'"

‘’Everybody knows KNZ is thé lick right?’’

Every cow has its own salt needs

According to Andrea, everyone wants the best for their cow. With KNZ salt licks, you give them a little extra they deserve. ‘’You notice that the cows have a certain need for salt and because each animal is different, they can dose themselves with the salt block. It's incredibly easy and it makes the cows happy. Why wouldn't you do it?’’

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