Anne Harmsen on KNZ salt licks

Anne Harmsen of mts. Harmsen from Apeldoorn runs, together with his wife and brother, the dairy farm with 80 dairy cattle and their young cattle. When the season is right, the cows just roam the fields and in the evenings they go to the stable, where they receive their standard ration of maize, grass, concentrate, minerals and salts.

Free acces to salt and minerals

They have been using KNZ's licks on the farm from early on. The salt licks are hung in the pasture and close to the automatic feeder using the specially designed holders, giving the cows full access to salt and minerals.

"Always exactly the right amount of salt and mineral"

An essential part of their diet

Did you know that salt and minerals are an essential part of a dairy cow's diet? Dairy cows lose a relatively large amount of salt through milk production. This can quickly lead to deficiencies. Cows with a salt deficiency lose their appetite, grow less and can even lose weight. These cows are less healthy and the salt and mineral deficiency also reduces productivity.

Prevent salt deficiency

Cows with a salt deficiency actively look for salt and minerals in their surroundings. You can recognize these cows by their need to lick and nibble on different materials in the stable, such as wood, steel, the ground, etc. Cows will sometimes also lick each other. "I never worry about salt and mineral deficiencies in my cows," says Harmsen. "My cows always consume exactly the right amount of salt and minerals thanks to KNZ salt licks.